Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Chassis and Card Cages

Industrial chassis and card cages are metal frames that support and contain electronic components and power supplies. They generally have a backplane with slots to install other peripherals and accessories.
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Product Name Notes
Accepts vertically mounted cards, subrack removes completely from ends
Easily tailored, 6 exhaust fans for super cooling, rugged design
Low profile, rugged construction, dual hot-swap power available
Many configs including dual hot-swap & removable drive bracket
Rugged & sleek design, front or rear card entry, removable rack brackets
Rugged and economical, Mil-461D,E shock & vibration, EMI/RFI tested
Smoke grey polycarbonate door, removable fan tray & P/S module w/ monitor
Versatile design, removable air filters, easy configurable back panels