Nidec Copal (USA) Corporation Datasheets for DC Motors

DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications. They include brushless and gear motors, as well as servomotors.
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Product Name Notes
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-120-AA
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-120-AB
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-240-AA
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-240-AB
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-300-AA
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-300-AB
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-500-AA
Brushless Motor -- LB16MG-500-AB
DC High Power Motor -- LC30-191
DC High Power Motor -- LC30F-191
DC High Power Motor -- LC32-184
DC High Power Motor -- LC32F-184
DC High Power Motor -- LC37F-177
DC High Power Motor -- LC38-188VG
DC High Power Motor -- LC38-188VP
DC High Power Motor -- LC38-192
DC High Power Motor -- LC38F-188VG
DC High Power Motor -- LC38F-188VP
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-030-AA
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-030-AB
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-030-AC
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-060-AA
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-060-AB
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-060-AC
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-120-AA
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-120-AB
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-120-AC
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-240-AA
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-240-AB
HG16 Gear Motor -- HG16-240-AC
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-010-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-010-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-030-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-030-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-060-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-060-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-120-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-120-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-150-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-150-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-200-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-200-AB
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-300-AA
HG37 Gear Motor -- HG37-300-AB
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-050-BA
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-050-BB
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-060-AA
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-060-AB
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-120-BA
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16-120-BB
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16A
LB16 Brushless Motor -- LB16B
Low Cost Mini Geared Motor -- LA12G-344TE
Low Cost Mini Geared Motor -- LA12G-344TN
Low Cost Mini Geared Motor -- LA12G-344VT
Low Cost Mini Geared Motor -- LA12G-344VW
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-060-AA
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-060-AB
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-060-AC
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-120-AA
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-120-AB
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-120-AC
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-240-AA
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-240-AB
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-240-AC
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-300-AA
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-300-AB
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-300-AC
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-500-AA
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-500-AB
MG16 Gear Motor -- MG16-500-AC
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