Winters Instruments Datasheets for Thermowells

Thermowells are designed to accept numerous types of temperature probes. They are used to easily facilitate the repair of temperature sensing devices without interrupting the process being monitored.
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Product Name Notes
Description & Features:• Available in a wide range of materials for use on most applications• Standard "stepped construction" offering is complemented by an array of custom thermowells including: straight, tapered,...
Description & Features:• Designed for use on a closed system• 1 year warrantyApplications : • Isolates temperature sensor from process media
Description & Features:• Designed for use with all 9" (228mm) industrial thermometers to create a "sealed system"• Allows the easy replacement of thermometers without the need to shut down or...
Description & Features:• Designed to be welded in place within the system• 1 year warrantyApplications : • Slow velocity (i.e. a feed water system on a boiler)
Description & Features:• Utilized anywhere a welded thermowell is required• 1 year warrantyApplications : • High pressure and/or high vibration