Micro-Epsilon Group Datasheets for Time of Flight Optical Sensors

Time of flight optical sensors determine displacement and distance by measuring the time it takes light to travel from the instrument to a target and back.
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Product Name Notes
optoNCDT ILR compact Laser Distance Sensor -- ILR 1031-50/LC1
optoNCDT ILR compact Laser Distance Sensor -- ILR1031-50
Laser distance sensors optoNCDT ILR 1030/1031 are designed for fast displacement measurement between 0.2 and 15m or rather up to 50m with reflector. The fast reaction time of 10ms is...
optoNCDT ILR Laser Gaging Sensor -- ILR1151-250 The optoNCDT ILR series has very compact dimensions using a completely integrated controller. The laser distance sensors of the optoNCDT 1020/1100/1150 series are designed for direct measurements without additional reflector...