J.L. Matthews Co., Inc. (JLMCo) Datasheets for Ear Protection

Ear protection devices protect the ears and ear organs from elevated decibel levels and debris and water ingress.

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Product Name Notes
MSA Comfort Band™ Hearing Protector, NRR-23dB -- 10003344 Designed to be worn under the chin, the MSA Comfort Band Hearing Protector is made with soft, easily cleanable pods and a durable plastic neck band. While not in use,...
MSA FormFit™ Disposable Ear Plugs, Corded, 200 Pack, NRR-29dB -- 6900B
MSA FormFit™ Disposable Ear Plugs, Non-Corded, 200 Pack, NRR-29dB -- 6800B
For users who prefer to dispose of their plugs after each use, the FormFit plug is the answer. Easy to use and affordable, FormFit ear plugs offer very aggressive noise...
MSA Tri-Seal™ Reusable Ear Plug, Corded, 100 Pack, NRR-25dB -- 10005607
MSA Tri-Seal™ Reusable Ear Plug, Corded, Single Pack, NRR-25dB -- EP412
Ruggedly designed of soft, comfortable silicone, these reusable ear plugs are easy to insert in the ear, economical and offer protection comparable to many MSA ear muffs. These Tri-Seal plugs...