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Achromats consist of two or more elements, usually of crown and flint glass, that have been corrected for chromatic aberration with respect to two selected wavelengths.  They are also known as achromatic lenses.  This area includes micro achromats as well.
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Optical Lenses -- Achromatic Lenses for NIR
Optical Lenses -- Achromatic Lenses for Visible
Achromatic lenses are lenses consisting of two or more elements, which are usually made of crown and flint glass with differing indices of refraction. One element is positive, the other...
Spherical and Cylindrical Lenses Custom Capabilitities of Spherical and Cylindrical Lenses Diameter: From 0.5mm to 300mm Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.01mm Thickness Tolerance: +/-0.01mm Irregularity: 0.2, (PV: Lambda/20) Centration: 30 arc sec Surface Quality: 10-5 S/D...