Triad Magnetics Datasheets for Industrial Control Transformers

Industrial control transformers are designed for industrial applications that require relays, solenoids, and other electromagnetic devices. They contain capacitors or other filtering devices to minimize variations in output, and are well-suited for applications that require constant current or constant voltage with a low volt-amp or low power rating.
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Product Name Notes
Description Triad control single phase transformers come with tamper resistant shrouds for safety and steel bracket welded to the bottom of the transformer for ease of mounting.
Description Triad control single phase transformers supply secondary voltages that are commonly utilized in various electronic, electro-magnetic and electrical control conditions. These include such applications as use with relays, solenoids,...
Description Triad power single phase transformers are offered in a wide selection of plug-in types to meet the needs of PC board and solid state power supply designs. These transformers...