CoorsTek Datasheets for Thermal and Refractory Ceramics

Thermal and refractory ceramics are inorganic, engineered materials that are designed for high-temperature applications. They are used for thermal insulation and fire proofing, and also as structural materials. Additional applications include wear parts and tooling, electrical and electronic components, glass manufacturing, materials processing, corrosion protection, and ballistics.
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Product Name Notes
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-85
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-90
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-94
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-96
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-995
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- AD-998
Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- FG-995
Ultra-High-Purity Alumina Engineered Ceramics -- PlasmaPure-UC™
Aluminas (aluminum oxide, Al2O3) are the most commonly used technical ceramics due to their generally useful properties and good price/performance ratio. Alumina ceramics are commonly subdivided according to their alumina...
Alumina Ferrules for Heat Exchanger Tubes CoorsTek alumina ferrules are offered in a variety of shapes and alumina grades, engineered to optimize the performance of each waste heat exchanger. Contact our experts today to determine the...
Glassun Fused Silica Refractories Glassun refractories are manufactured from high-purity fused silica materials. There are four categories of Glassun refractories, including: Glassun Series, shaped by slip casting Glassun Castable monolithic refractories Glassun Cement Glassun...