CoorsTek Datasheets for Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products

Ceramic tube and ceramic rod products are suitable for use in applications requiring high temperature strength, erosion resistance, electrical or thermal insulation, and other specialized characteristics.
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Product Name Notes
AD-998 8 Round Four Bore Tubing
AD-998 Cast Tubing
AD-998 Dee Tubing
AD-998 Fired Rods
AD-998 Ground Rods
AD-998 Oval Double Bore Tubing
AD-998 Round Double Bore Tubing
AD-998 Round Single Bore Tubing
AD-998 Square/Rectangular Rods
Ceramic Tubes &Rods
Mullite Cast Tubing
Mullite Round Double Bore Tubing
Mullite Round Four Bore Tubing
Mullite Round Single Bore Tubing
TTZ AS-Fired Rods
YTZP AS-Fired Rods
CoorsTek offers a wide variety of tubes and rods manufactured from high-performance technical ceramic materials, including alumina, zirconia, and silicon carbide. Enhance performance and product life by using the material...