Moog Animatics Datasheets for AC Servomotors

AC servomotors are responsive, high-acceleration motors typically constructed as permanent magnet synchronous motors.
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Product Name Notes
Smart Motor -- SM17205D Animatics delivers total machine solutions. As passionate machine builders, we truly understand the associated challenges and demands of this endeavor. Our comprehensive solutions spring from the desire to deliver significant...
Smart Motor -- SM23165D
Smart Motor -- SM23165DT
Smart Motor -- SM23165MT-IP
Smart Motor -- SM23205D
Smart Motor -- SM23305D
Smart Motor -- SM23375D
Smart Motor -- SM23375DT
Smart Motor -- SM23405D
Smart Motor -- SM34165D
Smart Motor -- SM34165DT
Smart Motor -- SM34165MT-IP
Smart Motor -- SM34205D
Smart Motor -- SM34305D
Smart Motor -- SM34405D
Smart Motor -- SM34505D
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