Bluestar Silicones USA Corp. Datasheets for Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal compounds and thermal interface materials form a thermally conductive layer on a substrate, between components or within a finished product.
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Product Name Notes
Metal Oxide Thickened Dimethyl Silicone Compound Description Bluesil V-740 is a metal oxide thickened dimethyl silicone compound. It is a white, heavy paste used for heat dissipation applications where high...
Metal Oxide Thickened Methylalkyl Silicone Compound Description Bluesil V-742 is a metal oxide thickened methylalkyl silicone compound. It offers higher thermal conductivity than other similar compounds based on dimethyl silicones.
methyl phenyl silicone fluid, lubricating applications requiring extreme low temperature Properties Viscosity 50000 Hardness Sha 25 Description Bluesil Grease 33P is a methyl phenyl silicone fluid, thickened with lithium soap.