Bluestar Silicones USA Corp. Datasheets for Catalysts and Initiators

Catalysts and initiators start or promote chemical reactions used to produce organic chemicals, polymers and adhesives.
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Product Name Notes
Properties Viscosity 50 Description an accelerator for platinum cure, polyaddition silicone moldmaking compounds. It can be used with many of Bluestar Silicones addition cure products to customize the de-mold time...
Condensation (Tin) Cure Accelerator Description Bluesil Vicure #2 is a Stannous Octoate tin complex. It is a cure accelerator when used in conjunction with a Condensation base and Catalyst combination.
Condensation (Tin) Cure Catalyst Properties Viscosity 43000 Hardness Sha 30 Description Bluesil Hi-Pro Blue is an organotin carboxylate with additives. It is the standard catalyst for the Bluesil V-1060 series...