Total Lubricants USA, Inc. Datasheets for Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments

Cleaning agents and surface treatments includes liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, passivators, etchants, solutions and additives for cleaning and surface preparation.
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Product Name Notes
Cleaners -- SOLVENT B 20 Degreasing solvent. Flash point = 106 F
Cleaners -- SOLVENT B 27 Degreasing solvent. Flash point = 127 F
Cleaners -- VARNISH & SYSTEM CLEANER Ester based system & compressor cleaner with a high flash point (460 F). Recommended for cleaning hydraulic systems, air compressors, automatic transmissions, and gear boxes.
Cleaners -- AZOLLA NET HC Petroleum based cleaner with special detergents used to clean hydraulic circuits and other circulating oil systems.
Cleaners -- XE 6478 Petroleum based solvent degreaser with a high flash point. Flash point = 200 F
Cleaners -- DIESTER FLUSHING OIL Synthetic (diester) based flushing oil. Designed to flush sludge and some mineral oil insoluble residues out of circulating systems and machine sumps. Flash point = 435 F