TroxellUSA Datasheets for Industrial Brushes

Industrial brushes are used for metal deburring; removing rust, paint or coatings; welding or surface preparation; painting and coat application; thread cleaning; and surface finishing on a variety of materials.
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Product Name Notes
1" Foam Tip Sealing Brushes - Used for the application of grout sealer.
2" Foam Tip Sealing Brushes - for use when sealing grout.
Grout Caddy Jumbo Replacement Sponge
Grout Caddy Replacement Sponge
Hydro Scrubby Sponge - Standard Size - 10 Pack - Don't be fooled by imitations!TROXELL Sponges are the "REAL THING" direct from Greece.
Jumbo Blue & White Scrub bug With handle
Jumbo Blue Scrub Bugs (Handle Not Included) 5"x 10"
PROFESSIONAL GRADE 5"x 10" Used for grouting with epoxy grouts or for fast use in clean-up.
Regular Hydro Sponge Professional Grade
Scrub Bug Handle with Velcro Attachment (Sponge Not Included)