TroxellUSA Datasheets for Hole Saws

Hole saws, also referred to as hole cutters, are saw blades with a circular cutting profile. Hole saws are used in a drill and cut out a hole without cutting up the core material. Hole saws often has a centering drill for hole placement.
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Product Name Notes
Diamond Hole Saw Kit -- 21-KIT500 "TROXELL" Diamond hole saws are designed to bore round holes in various types of ceramic, marble, granite, or porcelain for plumbing or electrical fixtures. Includes: 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 67mm, 73mm,...
1 1/4" Carbide Hole Saw -- 21-422 1 1/4" Carbide Hole Saw
1 3/4" Carbide Hole Saw -- 21-423 1 3/4" Carbide Hole Saw
10 pc Diamond Holesaw Kit -- 21-SMKIT-500 10 pc diamond holesaw kit with carry case, water inj bottle with quick fit water line, 3/8" drive sealed bearing water adapter, dry cutting adapter, and holesaw guide
2 1/2" sintered diamond holesaw -- 21-500-212 2 1/2" sintered diamond holesaw
2" sintered diamond holesaw -- 21-500-2 2" sintered diamond holesaw
3/4" sintered diamond holesaw -- 21-500-34 3/4" sintered diamond holesaw
Holesaw Arbor Fits 422-423 -- 21-779 Holesaw Arbor Fits 422-423
Economy Carbide Hole Saw -- 21-400 Maximize the economy and efficiently of interchanging blades using the "D" drive system. Available: All replacement parts for 1 3/8" or 1 3/4"
Professional Carbide Hole Saw -- 21-300 Pro Grade carbide grit rim. Interior Spring conveniently ejects waste material from the saw in motion. 1 13/8"
Professional Grade 10 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Kit -- 21-SMKIT Professional Grade 10 piece diamond hole saw kit complete with the arbor that fits any standard drill motor, and a handy carrying case for easy storage. The hole saws range...
Hole Saw Guide -- 21-GUIDE500 Quick release vacuum lock handle. Ensures Accuracy and eliminates costly surface damage due to holeswaw "drifting". Adjustable guide for all dril bits 6mm-83mm, or 1/4"-3 3/8" Using water extends life...
Diamond Hole Saw - 1 3/8" -- 21-500-138 Using water extends the life of hole saw bits. Application with a trigger bottle works best 1 3/8" Size works for most plumbing fixtures.