TroxellUSA Datasheets for Abrasive Pads

Abrasive pads consist of abrasive grains adhered onto the surface of a cloth, film, paper, non-woven, or other backing, usually with a die-cut square or rectangular shape.
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Product Name Notes
4" Economy Grade Diamond Polishing Pad (400 Grit)
For easy stone polishing, this polishing pad may be used wet -or- dry. The Velcro back is used for quick attachment and detachment from the arbor pad. Larger diameters are...
The 4" W Series polishing pad is for wet use only, and still provides superior performance with a long life span when used with water. The pad is perfect for...
Velcro will wear out over long periods of use. This 4" Velcro replacement pad is a direct replacement for the pad that comes in the stone diamond pad polishing kit.