Parker Hannifin / Automation / Pneumatic - Europe Datasheets for Rotary Tables

Rotary tables are used to position items so that they can be machined, worked, or assembled.
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Product Name Notes
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM10NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM12NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM20NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM25NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM35NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM45NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Table -- P5WCM63NMN0190B
P5W Rotary Tables Rack and pinion patented movement Continuously adjustable stroke Large ball bearings on the shaft Through hole in the pinion Optional rubber end stroke or hydraulic shock-absorber Mid...