Parker Hannifin / Automation / Pneumatic - Europe Datasheets for Quick Couplers

Quick couplers are used in a hydraulic or pneumatic system to quickly connect lines without losing fluid or fluid pressure.
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Product Name Notes
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAAW17MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAAW21MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAAW26MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAIW17MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAIW21MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37KAIW26MPXS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFAK21SXNS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFAK26SXNS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFIW21SXNS_01
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFIW26SXNS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFTF13SXNS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFTF16SXNS
Rectus Series 37KA -- 37SFTF19SXNS
1/2” Coupling-system according to US-MIL-Spec. C-4109 made of brass. Plug design optimised through greater insert depth. Advantages • Single handed operation • Tough construction
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KAAK17MPNS_04
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KAAK21MPNS_07
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KAIW17MPNS_05
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KAIW21MPNS_06
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KATF10MPNS_06
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27KATF13MPNS_06
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFAK13SXNS_01
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFAK17SXNS_01
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFAK21SXNS_01
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFIW17SXNS_02
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFIW21SXNS_02
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFTF08SXNS
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFTF10SXNS_01
Rectus Series 27KA -- 27SFTF13SXNS_02
1/2” European industrial profile with UltraFlo technology. High flow performance. Notable for robust design with steel sleeve in use with large pneumatic consumers. Also available in brass. Advantages • Single...
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFAK13SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFAK17SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFIW13SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFIW17SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFTF06SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFTF08SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 23SFTF10SXN
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAAW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAAW17MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAAW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAIW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAIW17MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KAIW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KATF08MPXS_99
Rectus Series 24KA -- 24KATF10MPXS_99
1/4” Industrial brass coupling conforming to ISO 6150B and US Mil. Spec 4109. Notable for brass mass design and corresponding sleeve design. Hardened steel plug counters vibrations and effects of...
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KAAK13MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KAAK17MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KAAK21MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KAIW13MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KAIW21MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KATF08MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19KATF10MPNS_99
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFAK13SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFAK17SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFIW13SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFIW17SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFTF06SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFTF08SXN
Rectus Series 19KA -- 19SFTF10SXN
English industrial profile with UltraFlo technology. Compact dimensions. Robust coupling for compressed air applications. The steel sleeve counters oscillating forces. Advantages • Single handed operation • Plug design optimised through...
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KAAK13SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KAAK17SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KAAK21SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KAIW13SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KAIW21SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KATF08SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17KATF10SPNS_99
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFAK10SXN
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFAK13SXN
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFIW10SXN
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFIW13SXN
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFTF08SXN
Rectus Series 17KA -- 17SFTF10SXN
English profile industrial coupling. Specially suited to compressed air applications. Brass/steel design developed for industry. Schrader (DN 5.0) Interchange. Advantages • Single handed operation • Small dimensions, light weight •
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KAAW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KAAW17MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KAAW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KAIW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KAIW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KATF06MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KATF08MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26KATF09MPXS_99
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFAW13MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFAW17MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFIW13MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFIW17MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFTF06MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFTF08MXX
Rectus Series 26KA -- 26SFTF09MXX
European standard industrial profile. Universal brass coupling. Ergonomic sleeve design prevents dirt on the valve body. Series 26 plugs in brass. Series 25 steel plugs recommended for oscillating forces. Advantages...
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KAAK13MPNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KAAK17MPNS_03
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KAIW13MPNS_01
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KAIW17MPNS_02
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KAIW21MPNS_01
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KATF08MPNS_03
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18KATF10MPNS_02
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFAK13SXNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFAK17SXNS_01
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFIW13SXNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFIW17SXNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFTF06SXNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFTF08SXNS
Rectus Series 18KA -- 18SFTF10SXNS
ISO 6150 C industrial coupling with UltraFlo technology. Robust design. The steel sleeve counters oscillating forces. System has limited use for liquids (steel sleeve/ zinc die cast valve). Advantages •
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KAAW10MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KAAW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KAIW10MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KAIW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KATF06MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21KATF08MPXS_99
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFAW10MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFAW13MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFIW10MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFKO06MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFKO08MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFTF06MXX
Rectus Series 21KA -- 21SFTF08MXX
Mini industrial coupling, the world‘s most commonly used profile. Above average flow performance for liquid and gaseous media. Large band width in materials and valve variants. Advantages • Single handed...
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAAK17SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAAK21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAAK26SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAIW17SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAIW21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KAIW26SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KATF10SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KATF13SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 1700KATF16SPN_99
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFAK13SXNS_01
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFAK17SXNS_01
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFAK21SXNS_01
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFIW17SXNS_02
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFIW21SXNS_02
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFTF08SXNS
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFTF10SXNS_01
Rectus Series 1700KA -- 27SFTF13SXNS_02
Premium industrial coupling in nominal diameter 10 with high grade valve technology and unprecedented flow values and minimum coupling forces. Especially suited to compressed air applications with above average air...
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 1423KAAK17SPN_99
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 1423KAAK21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 1423KAIW21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 1423KATF09SPN_99
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 1423KATF13SPN_99
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFAK13SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFAK17SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFIW13SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFIW17SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFTF06SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFTF08SXN
Rectus Series 1423KA -- 23SFTF10SXN
Rectus Tema premium 1/4” industrial coupling - the know- how from both brands combined in one system. Conforming to ISO 6150 B. High grade valve technology for optimum flow performance.
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 1625KAAK17SPN_99
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 1625KAAK21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 1625KAIW21SPN_99
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 1625KATF09SPN_99
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 1625KATF13SPN_99
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFAK13SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFAK17SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFAK21SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFIW13SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFIW17SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFTF09SXZ
Rectus Series 1625KA -- 25SFTF13SXZ
Rectus Tema premium European standard industrial coupling – the know-how from both brands combined in one system. Extremely robust 2-component plastic sleeve. Suitable for compressed air applications with above average...
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KAAW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KAAW17MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KAAW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KAIW13MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KAIW21MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KATF08MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 14KATF10MPXS_99
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFAK13SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFAK17SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFAK21SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFIW13SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFIW17SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFTF06SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFTF08SXN
Rectus Series 14KA -- 22SFTF10SXN
Robust brass coupling. Numerous connection options. Preferred application: compressed air technology and water connections. ARO 210 Interchangeable. Advantages • Single handed operation • Optimised plug design through greater insert depth...
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 14KEAK13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 14KEAK21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 14KEIW13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 14KEIW21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFAK13SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFAK17SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFAK21SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFIW13SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFIW17SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFTF06SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFTF08SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 14KE -- 22SFTF10SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFAK13SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFAK17SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFIW13SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFIW17SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFTF06SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFTF08SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 23SFTF10SXN
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 24KEAK13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 24KEAK21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 24KEIW13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 24KE -- 24KEIW21MPNS_99
The connection is made the same way as with all other quick connect coupling series, by simply pushing the plug in the coupling. The audible latching when the plug is...
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFAK13SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFAK17SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFAK21SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFIW13SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFIW17SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFTF09SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 25SFTF13SXZ
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 26KEAW13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 26KEAW21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 26KEIW13MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 26KE -- 26KEIW17MPNS_99
The connection is made the same way as with all other quick connect coupling series, by simply pushing the plug in the coupling. The audible latching when the plug is...
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27KEAK21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27KEAK26MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27KEIW21MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27KEIW26MPNS_99
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFAK13SXNS_01
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFAK17SXNS_01
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFAK21SXNS_01
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFIW17SXNS_02
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFIW21SXNS_02
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFTF08SXNS
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFTF10SXNS_01
Rectus Self-Venting Series 27KE -- 27SFTF13SXNS_02
With nominal diameter 10, one of the largest range in a new generation of couplings with ventilation technology. Two-stage uncoupling prevents occurence of the whiplash effect. Connected in the same...
Twistlok Heavy Duty Check Unit -- 1054EL-12
Twistlok Heavy Duty Check Unit -- 1095EL-12
Twistlok Heavy Duty Check Unit -- 1461EL-12
Twistlok Heavy Duty Check Unit -- 1462EL-12
Twistlok Standard Check Unit -- 8952DL-12
Twistlok Standard Check Unit -- 9792D-12
Twistlok Standard Check Unit -- 9793D-12
4 Distinct series InterCheck Series Series 35 interchangeable with CEJN 320 & Rectus 25 Series 55 interchangeable with CEJN 420 & Rectus 27 Schrader Series Heavy Duty or Standard Duty...