Backer Hotwatt Inc. Datasheets for Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are generally used in custom heating applications. Base (tubular) heating elements can be bent into standard or custom shapes.
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Product Name Notes
Features: The Backer Hotwatt Tubular Heater has built-in resistance to shock, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes. The heater is swaged, reducing the diameter of the metal sheath and compacting the...
Features Mechanically-bonded continuous fin assures excellent heat transfer and helps prevent fin vibration at high air velocities. Several standard formations and mounting bushings available. Standard fin is high temperature painted...
Features The Hotwatt Tubular Sheathed Glasrope Heater is a fiberglass insulated element encased in aluminum or stainless steel tubing. The stainless steel heater is for higher temperatures or corrosive applications.