LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems Datasheets for Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners provide amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for reading by computer boards.
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Product Name Notes
Carrier Amplifier-Oscillator/Demodulator for DVRTs® Inductive, Capacitive and Resistive Bridge Circuits -- DEMOD-DC® Carrier Amplifier-Oscillator/Demodulator for DVRTs®; Inductive, Capacitive and Resistive Bridge Circuits. Overview The DEMOD-DC® in-line signal conditioner makes DVRT® sensors as easy to use as a potentiometer. With integral signal conditioning...
LORD MicroStrain® -- DEMOD - DVRT®-2 LORD MicroStrain® Displacement Variable Reluctance Transducer (DVRT®) systems enable precise micro-position measurement for a wide variety of applications. From slow, slight movements over time to high frequency vibration, the DVRT®