Minco Datasheets for Resistive Temperature Devices (RTD) Elements

Resistive temperature device (RTD) elements are wire windings or other thin-film serpentines that exhibit changes in resistance with changes in temperature. They are usually made of metallic elements or alloys such as copper, nickel, or nickel-iron.
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Product Name Notes
Thin-Film -- S100144PD12
Thin-Film -- S101162PD
Thin-Film -- S101163PF
Thin-Film -- S101503PF12
Thin-Film -- S19827PS12
Thin-Film -- S245PD12
Thin-Film -- S247PF12
Thin-Film -- S249PD12
Thin-Film -- S251PF12
Thin film elements offer low cost and resistances t o 10k Ω. Specifications Tolerance: ±0.12% (EN60751 Class B) Material: Aluminum oxide substrate with fused glass cover. Dimensional tolerance: 400, 600°C...
Wire-Wound -- S200PD
Wire-Wound -- S201PD
Wire-Wound -- S202PD
Wire-Wound -- S203PD
Wire-Wound -- S212PG
Wire-Wound -- S214PG
Use these elements for general purpose sensing in probes or equipment. PD models meet EN60751, Class B. Specifications Temperature range: . Some elements may be used down to -269°C in...