Minco Datasheets for Thermistor Temperature Probes

Thermistor temperature probes sense temperature by using thermistors, devices made of semiconductor materials which exhibit a large change in resistance for a small change in temperature.
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Product Name Notes
Strip Sensing -- TS437TBY120A
Strip Sensing -- TS437TBY120B
Strip Sensing -- TS437TBY36A
Strip Sensing -- TS437TBY36B
Flexible Thermal-Ribbon™ sensors mount on the pipe surface so there’s no expense of a pipefitter to dr ain, drill, and tap the pipe for a thermowell because th ere is...
Bolt-On and Economy Sensors -- TS225450TD36TN
Bolt-On and Economy Sensors -- TS225452TD18SC1
Bolt-On and Economy Sensors -- TS225453TD6TC1
Minco bolt-on sensors are designed for easy installation in industrial and commercial environments. They are removable and reusable and can be mounted on machines, against process pipes, or embedded directly...
Thermistors -- TS665TFY40AC
Thermistors -- TS665TFY40BC
Thermistors -- TS665TKY40AC
Thermistors -- TS665TKY40BC
Thermistors -- TS667TFY40AC
Thermistors -- TS667TFY40BC
Thermistors -- TS667TKY40AC
Thermistors -- TS667TKY40BC
Minco thermistors are RoHS compliant and feature surface or pressure-sensitive mounting, and waterproof constructions suitable for continuous immersion. They also feature standard PTFE or silicone rubber insulated lead wire options...