Minco Datasheets for Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers accept inputs from temperature sensors or thermometers, and then output a control signal to keep the temperature at the desired level.
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Product Name Notes
PCB Mount PID Controller -- CT435PD
PCB Mount PID Controller -- CT435PF
Features Two RTD temperature sensor inputs: Pt100 or Pt1000 . Wide temperature sensing range: -70°C to 650°C. All controller features are configurable through the Modbus over UART interface. Two independent...
3-Channel Monitor -- CT424A
3-Channel Monitor -- CT424B
Minco’s CT424 consists of a 3-channel temperature monitor and alarm system that controls three relay outputs based on user-programmable set points to he lp safeguard expensive machinery. Features: The CT424...
Multi-Function Prototype Controller -- CT425A
Multi-Function Prototype Controller -- CT425B
Multi-Function Prototype Controller -- CT425C
Minco’s CT425 Temperature Controller provides simple, yet quick customization for most controller applications. The CT425 Temperature Controller features three user - configurable outputs, two programmable inputs, and communication via USB...
12-Channel Monitor -- CT224A1A
12-Channel Monitor -- CT224A1B
12-Channel Monitor -- CT224B1B
The CT224 consists of a 12-Channel temperature monitor/over-temperature alarm and MincoSoft™ CT224 Software. It is the next generation in temperature monitoring equip ment from Minco designed to meet the needs...
Miniature DC Controller -- CT325PD2C1
Miniature DC Controller -- CT325PF2C1
The CT325 Miniature DC Temperature Controller is designed for use with Minco Thermofoil™ heaters and RTD or thermistor sensors. It offers inexpensive on /off temperature control of your process or...
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PD1P1T250
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PD2P1T250
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PD3P1T250
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PF1P1T250
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PF2P1T250
PCB Mount Controller -- CT335PF3P1T250
The CT335 is an OEM micro-processor based temperature controller that offers two sensor input s, and two outputs. This low cost, PCB mount style proportional controller is great for system...