Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. Datasheets for O-rings

O-rings are solid-rubber seals that are shaped like a doughnut. When pressed between two mating surfaces,  O-rings block the passage of liquids or gases.
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Product Name Notes
3/8" O-Ring Seal
Big Blue O-Ring,Buna-N,FDA Grade
O Ring-3/16"x3-1/8"x3- 1/2"
O Ring-for Plastic Nuts
O-Ring 011
O-Ring 013
O-Ring 042
O-Ring 1/16"x11/16"x13/16"
O-Ring 112
O-Ring 13/16" Riser Retainer
O-Ring 135
O-Ring 214
O-Ring 228
O-Ring 3/32"3/8"9/16"
O-Ring 3/32"x11/16"x7/8"
O-Ring 3/32"x7/8"x1-1/16"
O-Ring 3/32x1-1/16x1-1/4
O-Ring 3/32x1-1/16x7/8
O-Ring 3/32x5/8x13/16
O-Ring 337
O-Ring 362
O-Ring Between 9100 & BLFC Assy.
O-Ring for #10, #12, #20, Buna-N
O-Ring for #10, #12, #20, Viton
O-Ring For 1" Riser
O-Ring for 7000 High Flow Dist.
O-Ring for Aluminum Nuts
O-Ring for Brine Refill Control
O-Ring For Chamfer Seal Tank, 4"
O-Ring For Clack 3/4" Drain El
O-Ring For Clack Connector
O-Ring for Park Tank
O-Ring for Sensor Assembly
O-Ring for Slim Line, #5 & #10, Buna N
O-Ring for U1031
O-Ring Kit,Rusco Cart.-1.5"
O-Ring Kit,Rusco Cart.-3/4" or 1"
O-Ring Manifold Kit-255, 155
O-Ring Seal-028 (Downflow)
O-Ring Seal-134
O-Ring Seals-210, Piston
O-Ring, 016
O-Ring, 019
O-Ring, 2.5" x 8 Thread
O-Ring, 215,Inside Tube (2700)
O-Ring, 226, Dist. Tube 1.5" NPT
O-Ring, 238
O-Ring, 2900 Meter, Quick Connect
O-Ring, 4" UN Thread
O-Ring, 4"-8 Tank,Structural Fibers
O-Ring, 4-1/2" x 8 Thread
O-Ring, 442
O-Ring, 6" UN for 2695 Adapter
O-Ring, 6" UN for 4125-003 Adapter
O-Ring, All Uni-Dose Models
O-Ring, Drain
O-Ring, End Plug, .035
O-Ring, Injector-011
O-Ring, Meter Cover Assembly
O-Ring, Q.C.-232 (2500,2700)
O-Ring, Quick Connect
O-Ring, Tank-347
O-Ring,BLFC-Hot Wtr,015,560CD
O-Ring,Brine Spacer-014,Hot Water
O-Ring,Drain-Hot Wtr,013,560CD
O-Ring,Gasket Set-S14A,S50C,MP
O-Ring,Gasket Set-S2400 & Up
O-Ring,Injector-Hot Water
O-Ring-#10,#12,#20 O-Ring,FDA Grade
O-Ring-#5 & 10 Slim Line, FDA Grade
O-Ring-014, Brine Spacer
O-Ring-021 Injector Cover-Hot Water
O-Ring-021, Injector Cover
O-Ring-119, Coupling
O-Ring-121,Dist. Retainer 1"(5600)
O-Ring-141, Meter
O-Ring-211,Inside Tube (2500)
O-Ring-229 (Dist)
O-Ring-563, DLFC Retainer
O-Ring-Top of Tank-Hot Water
Rubber O-Ring-S14A thru S50C
Rubber O-Ring-S2400C and Up
Seal O-Ring -017
Seal, O-Ring, End Plug
Seal, O-Ring-118
Seal, O-Ring-121
Seal, O-Ring-123
Seal, O-Ring-126
Seal, O-Ring-128
Seal, O-Ring-129
Seal, O-Ring-133
Square-cut O-Ring for Big Clear Hsg
Tank O-Ring, 338
Tank O-Ring-231, 2-1/2"-#8
Tank O-Ring-332,2 & 1/4"/16 Thread