ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie, LLC Datasheets for Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Magnetic proximity sensors include devices that work on inductive, variable reluctance, magneto resistive or Hall effect principles. Proximity sensors detect the presence or absence of an object using a critical distance.
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Product Name Notes
Digital Vane Sensor -- VN1015 Employs a Hall Effect digital vane sensor and a permanent magnet in two small towers, separated by a 3.4 mm (0.135”) air gap. The output switches when a ferrous target...
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Hall Effect -- MP1005 – MP1007
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Hall Effect -- MP1013
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Hall Effect -- MP1014
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Hall Effect -- MP1021
One-piece non-contact solid-state position sensors that operate through the use of Hall Effect technology with magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets. They provide a sinking current output Features Solid state...
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Reed -- MP2007
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Reed -- MP2017
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Reed -- MP2018
Magnetic Proximity Sensor, Reed -- MP2019
Reed position sensors with normally open or closed contacts that change states when a magnetic field is applied. The sensors act as non-latching electrical switches Features Contacts hermetically sealed for...
Wireless, Non-Contact Magnetic Sensor -- Steute RF RC M30 SW915 Wireless, non-contact magnetic sensors, in the presence of their actuating magnet, send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmed Receivers. If sensor does receive the confirmation of...