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Digital Vane Sensor VN1015
Employs a Hall Effect digital vane sensor and a permanent magnet in two small towers, separated by a 3.4 mm (0.135”) air gap. The output switches when a ferrous target passes between the towers. Typical targets are linear or rotary vanes using a square saw tooth or an open slot in a solid disk or band Features Mechanically interchangeable with typical slotted optical switches Robust, high speed sensing in dirty/dusty environments No mechanical contacts to wear out Open collector (sinking or NPN) output can be used with bipolar or CMOS logic circuits with suitable pull-up resistor RoHS compliant Typical Applications Door/gate position control Exercise equipment Printers
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Technical Specifications

  ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie, LLC
Product Category Proximity Sensors
Product Number VN1015
Product Name Digital Vane Sensor
Sensor Technology Hall Effect Proximity Sensor; Magnetic Proximity Sensor
Operating Temperature 302 F (150 C)
Body Shape Rectangular; Slot
Power Requirements DC Powered
Length 0.9750 inch (24.77 mm)
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