Kyocera Corporation Datasheets for Diodes

Diodes are electronic components that conduct electric current in only one direction, functioning as a one-way valve. Diodes are manufactured using semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium or selenium and are used as voltage regulators, signal rectifiers, oscillators and signal modulators / demodulators.
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Product Name Notes
A Fast Recovery Diodes (FRDs)is a PN junction diode with a shorter reverse recovery time (trr) that is suitable to rectify a high-frequency. Kyocera has developed an FRD adopting an...
A General Rectifier Diodes is a PN junction diode. Kyocera provides various range of General rectifier diodes, 0.5A~20A, maximum of 900V.
A Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs)is a diode utilizing a potential barrier formed at a metal electrode-semiconduc tor junction. Kyocera adopts an original barrier forming technology into SBDs. We succeeded in...