Brooks Instrument Datasheets for Vaporizers

Vaporizers are heat exchangers that convert liquefied gases to a warm gaseous product. The heat source can be ambient air, steam or water.
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Product Name Notes
Designed to enable the user to perform their own maintenance and cleaning, the direct liquid inject flange (DLIFS) vaporizer from Brooks Instrument provides indirect vaporization-on-dema nd for most liquid precursors.
The Welded DLI Series vaporizer from Brooks Instrument utilizes a fully welded construction of 316L stainless steel for highly durable devices with an all-stainless steel vapor flow path. There are...
Vaporization technologies were unable to provide a viable solution for the industry until Brooks Instrument introduced its 2nd generation DLI heat exchanger technology, called DLI High Capacity Vaporizer (DLIHV). The...