ThermOmegaTech® Datasheets for Washdown Stations

Washdown Stations use the process of high-pressure cleaning with water and or chemicals. Washdown Stations are used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and industrial cleaning.
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Product Name Notes
Steam & Water Washdown Station -- 377-111000-150
Steam & Water Washdown Station -- 377-111000-185
Washdown Stations: 150°F & 185°F Temperature Set Point The STVM® Washdown Station has been designed to put the safety of your operators first, thanks to its innovative technology. The...
Brass Hot and Cold Mixing Washdown Station -- 377-510030-000
Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Mixing Washdown Station -- 377-510130-000
The HCX (Hot/Cold Water Mixing) Station combines simplicity and cost effectiveness with the reliability and safety inherent in all ThermOmegaTech® washdown stations. The HCX station uses individual globe valves to...
Single Channel Brass Hot or Cold Washdown Station -- 377-410020-000
Single Channel Stainless Steel Hot or Cold Washdown Station -- 377-410120-000
The ThermOmegaTech® HCS Single Channel Washdown Station provides convenient delivery of a single stream of hot or cold water for washdown applications. A quarter turn ball valve provides simple, yet...