Palomar Technologies, Inc Datasheets for Semiconductor Wire and Wedge Bonders

Semiconductor wire and wedge bonders include tools for die bonding and wire bonding. Theyare used to attach and interconnect a semiconductor die or IC chip to a package or substrate. Die bonding tools include bonding capillaries, bonding wedges, EFO wands, die attach collets, die shear tools, ejector pins or push up needles, flip chip tools, spanking tools, push-up needles (pepperpots) and tab tools (microBGA, waffle).

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Product Name Notes
Overview The Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder with optional interchangeable clamps for 45-60° and 90° deep access bonding on a single machine.
The newest Palomar fully automated, thermosonic high-speed, ball-and-stitch fine wire bonder capable of ball bumping and customized looping profiles. Based on Palomar’s proven wire bonder design and incorporating the latest...