Eaton Datasheets for Inhibitors and Stabilizers

Inhibitors suppress, decrease, or prevent a reaction from occurring while stabilizers are used to maintain specific functions or properties of a product or additive.
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Product Name Notes
Ascorbic Acid Stabilizer -- E 300 Ascorbic Acid is a very pure vitamin C product. It protects the bottled beverage against unwanted oxidation. Advantages Reacts rapidly with oxygen to prevent oxidation Stabilizes the bouquet and taste...
Fining Agent for Beer Stabilization, BECOSOL® 30 BECOSOL 30 silica sol fining agent has been formulated especially for clarifying beer and improving filtration in the brewing industry. The surface of BECOSOL 30 silica sol fining agent guarantees...
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 10% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 1000
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 40% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 2500
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 55% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 6000
BECOSORB is a silica gel—a highly pure, amorphous silicon dioxide that is used for selective adsorption of protein matter that can cause turbidity in beer. Eaton offers three different silica...
Citric Acid Monohydrate Stabilizer Citric acid monohydrate is a natural fruit acid that stabilizes wine and improves the acid balance of the wine. Advantages The purest product available For targeted acid enrichment of wines...
Potassium Disulphite Stabilizer
Pure Tartrate Stabilizer
SIHA® Gum Arabic Granulate Stabilizer
SIHA® Gum Arabic Liquid Stabilizer
SIHA® OPTISIL Fining Agent
SIHA® PhenoEx Stabilizer
SIHA® Sterile Spray Disinfector
SIHA® Tannin FC Fining Agent
SIHA® Tannin MOX Fining Agent
SIHA® Tannin QE Fining Agent
In order to increase the shelf life of a beverage, a variety of techniques and their associated products can be used. From SIHA OPTISIL, which eliminates bitter tastes, to SIHA...
Lactic Acid 80 % Stabilizing Agent Lactic acid 80 % is a biologically produced organic acid. It has a high degree of purity and has been specifically selected for fruit wine applications. Lactic Acid 80% stabilizing...
Potassium Sorbate Stabilizer Potassium sorbate suppresses yeast and mold growth. It prevents secondary fermentation in filled bottles that may be caused by reinfection with yeasts after the final sterilizing filtration. Potassium Sorbate stabilizer...
Enzyme, SIHA® Distillery Enzyme SK Plus
Enzyme, SIHA® Pectinase W Liquid
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ A Granulated
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Claro
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Extro
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Fine
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Flot
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ HT 300
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Lyso
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ SupraMash
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Uni
SIHA pectinases have been used for decades to aid in the degradation of pectins, providing significant increases in juice yield. Our long-standing practical experience with refined, cleaned, targeted and highly...
Enzyme, Amylase AG 300 L
Enzyme, ConZym-Pex-Uni
Enzyme, Panzym® AG XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Arome G
Enzyme, Panzym® BE XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Clair Rapide G
Enzyme, Panzym® Extract Blanc G
Enzyme, Panzym® Extract G
Enzyme, Panzym® Fino G
Enzyme, Panzym® First Yield
Enzyme, Panzym® Flux
Enzyme, Panzym® HT 300
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro Clear
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro Color
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro SP L
Enzyme, Panzym® Smash XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Univers
Enzyme, Panzym® XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® YieldMASH
Enzyme, Panzym® YieldMASH XXL
The use of enzymes improves extration of fruit, clarification and filtration performance. Panzym and SIHAZYM enzymes are mainly used in the fruit juice, spirits and wine sectors. The cleaned, specific...