Eaton Datasheets for Chemical Additives and Agents

Chemical additives and agents include a wide range of materials added to polymer resins, paints and coatings, or adhesives to modify specific processing or end-use properties.
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Product Name Notes
Fermentation Salt
Fermentation Salt Plus
Nutrient, OPTIRed®
Nutrient, SIHA® PROFERM™ Bio
Nutrient, SIHA® PROFERM™ Fit
Nutrient, SIHA® PROFERM™ H+²
Nutrient, SIHA® PROFERM™ Plus
Nutrient, SIHA® PROFERM™ Red
Nutrient, SIHA® Vitamin B1
Nutrient, uvavital® D
As living organisms, yeasts and malolactic bacteria require specific nutrients in order to thrive. The correct choice of nutrients and timing of their application will guarantee optimum alcoholic and malolactic...
Ascorbic Acid Stabilizer -- E 300 Ascorbic Acid is a very pure vitamin C product. It protects the bottled beverage against unwanted oxidation. Advantages Reacts rapidly with oxygen to prevent oxidation Stabilizes the bouquet and taste...
BECOCEL® Filter Cellulose BECOCEL® filter cellulose is a highly pure cellulose fiber material that is available in graduated fiber lengths and is finely fibrillated. Its fiber structure forms a loose but strong filter...
Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid BECOGUR™ is composed of very fine diatomaceous earth, providing maximum filtration efficiency for polishing of beer, wine, oil, pectin, sugar, vinegar, alcohol, gelatin, and other liquids with a low viscosity.
Medium/fine Filtration Perlite, BECOLITE™ 3000
Medium/fine Filtration Perlite, BECOLITE™ 5000
BECOLITE™ is a medium/fine filtration perlite for the fining of liquids with a high opacity level such as beer, wine, fruit juices, priming solutions, oil, starch, gelatin, etc. Perlite is...
Fining Agent for Beer Stabilization, BECOSOL® 30 BECOSOL 30 silica sol fining agent has been formulated especially for clarifying beer and improving filtration in the brewing industry. The surface of BECOSOL 30 silica sol fining agent guarantees...
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 10% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 1000
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 40% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 2500
Non-swelling Silicic Acid Xerogel with a Maximum Moisture Content of 55% for Beer Stabilizing, BECOSORB® 6000
BECOSORB is a silica gel—a highly pure, amorphous silicon dioxide that is used for selective adsorption of protein matter that can cause turbidity in beer. Eaton offers three different silica...
Citric Acid Monohydrate Stabilizer Citric acid monohydrate is a natural fruit acid that stabilizes wine and improves the acid balance of the wine. Advantages The purest product available For targeted acid enrichment of wines...
Potassium Bicarbonate Stabilizer
SIHA® Special Wine Lime (E 170)
Special Lime for Deacidification, SIHADEX™
In cases where the climate leads to an acidic wine, an adjustment of the acid content is strongly recommended. The wine producer who handles this process carefully will be rewarded...
Potassium Disulphite Stabilizer
Pure Tartrate Stabilizer
SIHA® Gum Arabic Granulate Stabilizer
SIHA® Gum Arabic Liquid Stabilizer
SIHA® OPTISIL Fining Agent
SIHA® PhenoEx Stabilizer
SIHA® Sterile Spray Disinfector
SIHA® Tannin FC Fining Agent
SIHA® Tannin MOX Fining Agent
SIHA® Tannin QE Fining Agent
In order to increase the shelf life of a beverage, a variety of techniques and their associated products can be used. From SIHA OPTISIL, which eliminates bitter tastes, to SIHA...
L(+) Tartaric Acid for Targeted Acid Enrichmen L(+) tartaric Acid is a natural acid. It has a high degree of purity and has been specially selected for applications in the beverage industry. Uses For targeted acid enrichment...
Lactic Acid 80 % Stabilizing Agent Lactic acid 80 % is a biologically produced organic acid. It has a high degree of purity and has been specifically selected for fruit wine applications. Lactic Acid 80% stabilizing...
Metatartaric Acid Stabilizer
SIHA® CelluStab Stabilizer
Metatartaric acid is used to prevent tartrate precipitation in bottled wines. Advantages High degree of esterification, long-lasting effects Does not contain any undesirable polymeric substances or tartrate derivatives No loss...
SIHA® Active Yeast 10 (Red Roman)
SIHA® Active Yeast 2
SIHA® Active Yeast 3
SIHA® Active Yeast 4
SIHA® Active Yeast 5 (Agglocompact)
SIHA® Active Yeast 6 (Distillery Yeast)
SIHA® Active Yeast 7 (Riesling Yeast)
SIHA® Active Yeast 8 (Burgundy Yeast)
Yeast, SIHA® Rubino Cru
Yeast, SIHA® WhiteArome
Yeast, SIHAFERM™ Element
Yeast, SIHAFERM™ Finesse Red
Yeast, SIHAFERM™ Nature
Yeast, SIHAFERM™ Plus
Yeast, SIHAFERM™ PureNature
Our SIHA active dried pure yeasts are specially selected from a variety of must samples and different types of wine. Our long-standing practical experience and the strict selection criteria we...
Potassium Sorbate Stabilizer Potassium sorbate suppresses yeast and mold growth. It prevents secondary fermentation in filled bottles that may be caused by reinfection with yeasts after the final sterilizing filtration. Potassium Sorbate stabilizer...
Purified Activated Carbon of Vegetable Origin, SIHA® CARBOGRAN FA
SIHA® Activated Carbon FA
SIHA® Activated Carbon UF
Specially Formulated Activated Carbon with Vegetable Origin, SIHA® Actiliq GE
Specially Formulated Activated Carbon with Vegetable Origin, SIHA® Activated Carbon GE
SIHA activated carbon is a high-purity activated carbon powder of vegetable origin used to correct color and odor deficiencies and off-flavors in beverages. Carbon is fine, black, lightweight powder used...
SIHA® Combi Acid CS Acidifier
SIHA® Combi Acid Granulated Acidifier
SIHA Combi Acid CS is a combination of different acids that is used to adjust the pH value in fruit mash. It suppresses the development of undesirable microorganisms, such as...
Enzyme, SIHA® Distillery Enzyme SK Plus
Enzyme, SIHA® Pectinase W Liquid
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ A Granulated
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Claro
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Extro
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Fine
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Flot
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ HT 300
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Lyso
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ SupraMash
Enzyme, SIHAZYM™ Uni
SIHA pectinases have been used for decades to aid in the degradation of pectins, providing significant increases in juice yield. Our long-standing practical experience with refined, cleaned, targeted and highly...
Fining Agent, SIHA® GESIL
Gelatin Fine Granules
High-purity Food Gelatin for Beverage Fining, Flotation Gelatin
SIHA® Gelatin Liquid
SIHA® gelatines are high-purity food gelatines for beverage fining. They have a high positive charge that reacts intensely with negatively charged beverage colloids, e.g. tannins and pectin residues and precipitates...
Riddling Aid, SIHA® Brillant Liquid
Riddling Aid, SIHA® Tannin Liquid
Special products for improving the riddling characteristics of sparkling wine during fermentation in the bottle. SIHA Brillant liquid Riddling aid is a homogeneous colloidal suspension that improves the fermentation and...
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, Na-Ca Bentonit P/G
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, SIHA PURANIT™
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, SIHA PURANIT™ UF
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, SIHA® Active Bentonite G
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, SIHA® Ca-Bentonite G
Fine Montmorillonite Clay, SIHA® Must Bentonite G
Special products for the fining of beverages. They remove positively charged protein substances from musts, wines, fruit juices and vinegar. Bentonite is a fine montmorillonite clay consisting of aluminum silicate...
Levasil® 200/30% FG
Silica Sol Fining Agent , BEVASIL® 30
Special silica sol of exceptional purity and activity for the fining of beverages. It is used in combination with gelatin or other positively charged fining agents as a flocculation intensifier.
Malolactic Bacteria, SIHALACT™ Oeno
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® CH11
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® CH16
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® CH35
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® LS CH35 “Frozen Cultures“
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® LS OENOS “Frozen Cultures“
Malolactic Bacteria, VINIFLORA® OENOS
The addition of lactic acid bacteria (Oenococcus oeni) for malolactic fermentation has become increasingly significant during the last decade, particularly for wine preparation. Previously known as second fermentation of the...
BECO® FilterAid The BECO FilterAid filter additive is an innovative technological filter aid used to form the first pre-coat for filtering beer and other beverages. The product can also be used during...
Enzyme, Amylase AG 300 L
Enzyme, ConZym-Pex-Uni
Enzyme, Panzym® AG XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Arome G
Enzyme, Panzym® BE XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Clair Rapide G
Enzyme, Panzym® Extract Blanc G
Enzyme, Panzym® Extract G
Enzyme, Panzym® Fino G
Enzyme, Panzym® First Yield
Enzyme, Panzym® Flux
Enzyme, Panzym® HT 300
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro Clear
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro Color
Enzyme, Panzym® Pro SP L
Enzyme, Panzym® Smash XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® Univers
Enzyme, Panzym® XXL
Enzyme, Panzym® YieldMASH
Enzyme, Panzym® YieldMASH XXL
The use of enzymes improves extration of fruit, clarification and filtration performance. Panzym and SIHAZYM enzymes are mainly used in the fruit juice, spirits and wine sectors. The cleaned, specific...