Pneumadyne, Inc. Datasheets for Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems.
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Product Name Notes
Quick Disconnect Plug Connector -- C550001
Quick Disconnect Plug Connector -- C550003
Quick Disconnect Plug Connector -- C550004
Quick Disconnect Socket Connector -- C550400
Quick Disconnect Socket Connector -- C550500
Quick Disconnect Socket Connector -- C550600
Quick Disconnect Socket Connector -- C550700
Available from Pneumadyne, one of the smallest automatic quick disconnect couplings with a shut-off valve on the market. Select from three (3) plug connector styles and four (4) socket connector...
Adjustable Elbow -- EA-LB10
Adjustable Elbow -- EA-LB20
Adjustable Elbow -- EA-LB25
Adjustable Elbow -- EA-LB30
Adjustable Elbow -- EA-LB50
Adjustable Elbow -- STL-10
Adjustable Elbow -- STL-10-SS
Adjustable Nipple -- SFU-22
Adjustable Run Tee -- SFL-10
Adjustable Tee -- EA-T10
Adjustable Tee -- EA-T20
Adjustable Tee -- EA-T25
Adjustable Tee -- EA-T30
Adjustable Tee -- EA-T50
Adjustable Tee -- STT-10
Adjustable Threaded Cross -- SFT-10
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC10
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC20
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC20-SL
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC25
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC30
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC35
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC50
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC60
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC70
Barb to Barb Coupling -- EC80
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC20-10
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC30-10
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC30-20
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC30-25
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC50-30
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC50-35
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC60-20
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC60-30
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC60-40
Barb to Barb Coupling -- ERC80-60
Barb to Barb Coupling -- SBF-1616
Barb to Barb Coupling -- SBF-1816
Barb to Barb Coupling -- SBF-1818
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX10
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX20
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX25
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX30
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX40
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX50
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX60
Barb to Barb Cross -- EX80
Barb to Barb Cross -- SBF-18X
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL10
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL20
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL30
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL40
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL60
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- EL80
Barb to Barb Elbow Fitting -- SBF-18L
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET10
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET20
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET30
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET35
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET40
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET50
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET60
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET70
Barb to Barb Tee -- ET80
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-10T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-1410T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-16T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-1810T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-1816T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBF-18T
Barb to Barb Tee -- SBT-14T
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-10
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-20
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-25
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-30-4-28
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-40-5/16
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-60-1/8
Bulkhead Fitting -- EBK-60-3/8
Bulkhead Fitting -- SBH-10
Bulkhead Fitting -- SBH-10-SS
Bulkhead Fitting -- SBH-125
Bulkhead Fitting -- SBH-125-SS
Coupling Threaded Fitting -- 22
Coupling Threaded Fitting -- SF-22
Fixed Threaded Cross -- 02-4
Fixed Threaded Cross -- 32-3
Fixed Threaded Cross -- 52-4
Fixed Threaded Cross -- 54-4
Fixed Threaded Cross -- SBF-32-3
Fixed Threaded Elbow -- 32-1
Fixed Threaded Elbow -- SBF-32-1
Fixed Threaded Tee -- SBF-32-2
M3 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET10-M3
M3 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET20-M3
M3 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET25-M3
M3 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET30-M3
M3 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET40-M3
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB10-M3
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB20-M3
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB25-M3
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB30-M3
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB30-M3F
M3 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB40-M3
M5 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET10-M5
M5 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET20-M5
M5 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET25-M5
M5 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET30-M5
M5 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET40-M5
M5 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB10-M5
M5 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB20-M5
M5 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB25-M5
M5 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB30-M5
M5 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB40-M5
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET10-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET20-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET25-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET30-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET35-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET40-M6
M6 Thread Tee Fitting -- ET50-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB10-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB20-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB25-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB30-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB35-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB40-M6
M6 Threaded Elbow Fitting -- ELB50-M6
Plug Fitting -- 30
Plug Fitting -- SPG-1/16
Plug Fitting -- SPG-1/2
Plug Fitting -- SPG-1/4
Plug Fitting -- SPG-1/8
Plug Fitting -- SPG-10
Plug Fitting -- SPG-10-1/4
Plug Fitting -- SPG-3/8
Plug Fitting -- SPG-4-28
Plug Fitting -- SPG-M3
Plug Fitting -- SPG-M5
Plug Fitting -- SPG-M6
Push to Connect Fitting -- SF-125PI
Push to Connect Fitting -- SF-156PI
Reducer Bushing -- 25
Reducer Bushing -- 25
Reducer Bushing -- 25F
Reducer Bushing -- 26
Reducer Bushing -- ERB1/4-1/16
Reducer Bushing -- ERB1/4-1/8
Reducer Bushing -- ERB1/4-10
Reducer Bushing -- ERB1/8-1/16
Reducer Bushing -- ERB4-28-10
Reducing Cross -- ERX30-10-10-10
Reducing Cross -- ERX30-10-30-10
Reducing Cross -- ERX30-20-30-20
Reducing Cross -- ERX40-20-40-20
Reducing Cross -- ERX40-40-20-40
Reducing Cross -- ERX80-40-80-40
Reducing Elbow -- 28FL
Reducing Elbow -- 29L
Reducing Elbow -- 52-1
Reducing Elbow -- 52-1N
Reducing Elbow -- 54-1
Reducing Tee -- 28FT
Reducing Tee -- 52-2
Reducing Tee -- 52-3
Reducing Tee -- 52-3N
Reducing Tee -- 54-2
Reducing Tee -- 54-3
Reducing Tee -- ERT10-30-10
Reducing Tee -- ERT20-10-20
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-10-10
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-10-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-20-20
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-20-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-25-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-30-10
Reducing Tee -- ERT30-40-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT50-20-50
Reducing Tee -- ERT50-30-50
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-20-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-20-60
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-30-20
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-30-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-30-40
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-30-60
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-40-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-40-60
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-60-30
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-60-40
Reducing Tee -- ERT60-80-60
Reducing Tee -- ERT80-20-80
Reducing Tee -- ERT80-30-80
Reducing Tee -- ERT80-60-80
Straight Connector -- BF-062
Straight Connector -- BF-062-2
Straight Connector -- BF-062-2F
Straight Connector -- BF-110-2
Straight Connector -- BF-110-2N
Straight Connector -- BF-140
Straight Connector -- EB10
Straight Connector -- EB10-1/16
Straight Connector -- EB10-1/4
Straight Connector -- EB10-1/8
Straight Connector -- EB10-250
Straight Connector -- EB10-4-28
Straight Connector -- EB10-M3
Straight Connector -- EB10-M5
Straight Connector -- EB10-M6
Straight Connector -- EB20
Straight Connector -- EB20-1/16
Straight Connector -- EB20-1/4
Straight Connector -- EB20-1/8
Straight Connector -- EB20-250
Straight Connector -- EB20-3/8
Straight Connector -- EB20-4-28
Straight Connector -- EB20-M3
Straight Connector -- EB20-M5
Straight Connector -- EB20-M6
Straight Connector -- EB25
Straight Connector -- EB25-1/16
Straight Connector -- EB25-1/4
Straight Connector -- EB25-1/8
Straight Connector -- EB25-250
Straight Connector -- EB25-3/8
Straight Connector -- EB25-4-28
Straight Connector -- EB25-M3
Straight Connector -- EB25-M5
Straight Connector -- EB25-M6
Straight Connector -- EB30
Straight Connector -- EB30-1/16
Straight Connector -- EB30-1/4
Straight Connector -- EB30-1/8
Straight Connector -- EB30-250
Straight Connector -- EB30-3/8
Straight Connector -- EB30-4-28
Straight Connector -- EB30-M3
Available in a variety of configurations.
Plug Connector -- PMC-110
Plug Connector -- PMC-170
The plug connector has a specially designed electroless nickel plated brass body with a Buna-N O-ring retained opposite the barb. This quality O-ring ensures a leakproof seal when connected to...
Plug Bar with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTPB-062
Plug Bar with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTPB-110
Plug Bar with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTPB-170
Socket Barb with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTSB-062
Socket Barb with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTSB-110
Socket Barb with Barbs (Ribbon Tube Connectors) -- RTSB-170
The Ribbon Tube Connector easily connects and disconnects sections of a system, ensuring fast installation of multiple tube lines. This feature is especially important when replacing test equipment fixtures, installing...

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