Pneumadyne, Inc. Datasheets for Tubing

Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections.
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Product Name Notes
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU2-125-*-C
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU2-250-*-C
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU3-125-*-C
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU3-250-*-L
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU4-125-*-C
Multi-Bore Tubing -- PU4-250-*-L
Multi-bore tubing is two or more tubes that are extruded as a single piece. The tubes are joined with a tough connecting web. This tubing is ideal for applications that...
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-125-0
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-125-2
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-125-8
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-125-M
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-250-0
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-250-2
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC4-250-M
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-125-0
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-125-2
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-125-M
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-250-0
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-250-2
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC6-250-M
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC8-125-0
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC8-125-2
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC8-125-M
Multi-Color Ribbon -- PUMC8-250-M
Multiple Color Ribbon (MCR) color codes your tubing lines. Great for identification, tracing or trouble shooting, this tubing will withstand the rigors of flexing and rough handling. A unique heat...
Polyurethane Coil -- PUC-125
Polyurethane Coil -- PUC-250
Polyurethane Coil -- PUC2-125
Polyurethane Coil -- PUC2-250
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-125
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-125-*-LR
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-125-*-R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-125-*-XR
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-125F
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-156
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-156-*-LR
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-156-*-R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-156F
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250-*-LR
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250-*-R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250F
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250PB
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-250R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-312
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-312-*-R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-375
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-375-*-R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-375R
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-468F
Polyurethane Tubing -- PU-562F
Polyurethane has outstanding memory and flexibility which make it the ideal material for processing into self-storing coiled tubing. These coils are extraordinarily tough and resistant to abrasion, overstretching and kink...