WITTENSTEIN, Inc. (formerly alpha gear drives) Datasheets for Brushless Motors

Brushless motors are synchronous electric motors that have a magnetically (AC induction) or electronically (DC) controlled commutation system instead of a brush-based mechanical commutation system.
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Product Name Notes
Cyber Dynamic Line Servomotors -- cyber® D17
Cyber Dynamic Line Servomotors -- cyber® D22
Cyber Dynamic Line Servomotors -- cyber® D32
Cyber Dynamic Line Servomotors -- cyber® D40
dynamic – high torque – efficient cyber dynamic line servomotors are the smart selection for your application. Equipped with absolute feedback in a stainless steel housing, they deliver the highest...
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p130
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p155
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p178
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p64
Cyber Power Servomotors -- p94
powerful – efficient – easily maintained cyber power motors are custom designed brushless AC servomotors, characterized by their outstanding power to weight/size ratio and an efficiency unmatched in the market.