Digi-Key Electronics Datasheets for Locknuts

Locknuts are a type of prevailing-torque fastener that resists loosening under vibration and torque. They differ from standard nuts because they typically have friction-increasing bearing surfaces (e.g., pitted grooves on flanges) or special internal thread-geometries.
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Product Name Notes
Nuts -- 145-06M050080DWN-ND DECO WING NUT, M5 X .8 THREAD, 1
Nuts -- RPC6973-ND
Nuts -- RPC6974-ND
Nuts -- RPC6975-ND
Nuts -- RPC6976-ND
Nuts -- RPC6977-ND
Nuts -- RPC6978-ND
Nuts -- 298-14202-ND LOCK NUT 0.380" 10-32
Nuts -- 298-20767-ND LOCK NUT 0.380" 12-24
Nuts -- 298-20769-ND LOCK NUT 0.380" M6
Nuts -- RPC1307-ND LOCK NUT 0.669" NYLON M12
Nuts -- RPC3640-ND LOCK NUT 0.748" NYLON PG7
Nuts -- RPC1901-ND LOCK NUT 0.866" NYLON M16
Nuts -- RPC3639-ND LOCK NUT 0.866" NYLON NPT-3/8
Nuts -- RPC1907-ND LOCK NUT 0.866" NYLON PG9
Nuts -- 281-5869-ND LOCK NUT 0.866" POLYAMIDE M16
Nuts -- 281-4710-ND LOCK NUT 0.945" BRASS M20
Nuts -- RPC1904-ND LOCK NUT 0.945" NYLON PG11
Nuts -- RPC3029-ND LOCK NUT 1.062" NYLON M20
Nuts -- RP843-ND LOCK NUT 1.062" NYLON NPT-1/2
Nuts -- RPC1905-ND LOCK NUT 1.062" NYLON PG13.5
Nuts -- 281-5841-ND LOCK NUT 1.142" BRASS M25
Nuts -- RPC1906-ND LOCK NUT 1.181" NYLON PG16
Nuts -- 1719200000-ND LOCK NUT 1.260" BRASS PG21
Nuts -- RPC1902-ND LOCK NUT 1.260" NYLON M25
Nuts -- 281-4751-ND LOCK NUT 1.260" POLYAMIDE M25
Nuts -- 281-5842-ND LOCK NUT 1.417" BRASS M32
Nuts -- RPC1903-ND LOCK NUT 1.417" NYLON NPT-3/4
Nuts -- RP841-ND LOCK NUT 1.614" NYLON M32
Nuts -- 281-4752-ND LOCK NUT 1.614" POLYAMIDE M32
Nuts -- RP844-ND LOCK NUT 1.653" NYLON NPT-1
Nuts -- 281-5843-ND LOCK NUT 1.811" BRASS M40
Nuts -- RP842-ND LOCK NUT 1.969" NYLON M40
Nuts -- SC2808-ND LOCK NUT 1/2" COPPER ALLOY 3/8
Nuts -- SC2810-ND LOCK NUT 11/32" COPPER ALLOY
Nuts -- 1417659-ND LOCK NUT 18.0MM POLYAMIDE M12
Nuts -- 1417660-ND LOCK NUT 22.0MM POLYAMIDE M16
Nuts -- 1414570-ND LOCK NUT 26.0MM POLYAMIDE M20
Nuts -- SC1511-ND LOCK NUT 3/8" COPPER ALLOY 1/4
Nuts -- 1417661-ND LOCK NUT 32.0MM POLYAMIDE M25
Nuts -- 1417662-ND LOCK NUT 41.0MM POLYAMIDE M32
Nuts -- SC2809-ND LOCK NUT 5/16" COPPER ALLOY 1/4
Nuts -- 1417664-ND LOCK NUT 50.0MM POLYAMIDE M40
Nuts -- 1417665-ND LOCK NUT 60.0MM POLYAMIDE M50
Nuts -- 1417666-ND LOCK NUT 75.0MM POLYAMIDE M63
Nuts -- A8229-ND LOCK NUT NYLON PG29
Nuts -- 1920-1111-ND LOCKNUT NYLON 1/2" NPT BLK
Nuts -- 1920-1108-ND LOCKNUT NYLON 1/2" NPT GRY
Nuts -- 1920-1112-ND LOCKNUT NYLON 3/4"NPT BLK
Nuts -- 1920-1109-ND LOCKNUT NYLON 3/4"NPT GRY
Nuts -- 1920-1110-ND LOCKNUT NYLON 3/8 NPT BLK
Nuts -- 1920-1115-ND LOCKNUT NYLON M20 GRY
Nuts -- 1920-1116-ND LOCKNUT NYLON M50 GRY
Nuts -- 1920-1113-ND LOCKNUT NYLON PG11 BLK
Nuts -- 1920-1114-ND LOCKNUT NYLON PG13.5 BLK
Nuts -- 1920-2270-ND M12 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2275-ND M12 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2271-ND M16 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2165-ND M16 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2272-ND M20 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2273-ND M25 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2276-ND M25 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2274-ND M32 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2277-ND M32 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2280-ND M40 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2278-ND M40 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2281-ND M63 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2279-ND M63 LOCKNUT LT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2253-ND NPT1 LOCKNUTPA BK
Nuts -- 1920-2252-ND NPT1 LOCKNUTPA GRAY
Nuts -- 1920-2251-ND NPT3/8 LOCKNUTPA GRAY
Nuts -- 71004MB-ND NYLON LOCK NUT 4MM (50-PACK)
Nuts -- 1920-2263-ND PG11 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2264-ND PG135 LOCKNUTLTGRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2256-ND PG16 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2257-ND PG21 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2265-ND PG21 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2258-ND PG29 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2266-ND PG29 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2267-ND PG36 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2259-ND PG42 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2268-ND PG42 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2260-ND PG48 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2269-ND PG48 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2254-ND PG7 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2261-ND PG7 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA
Nuts -- 1920-2255-ND PG9 LOCKNUT BLACKPA
Nuts -- 1920-2262-ND PG9 LOCKNUTLT GRAYPA