Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Beam Expanders

Beam expanders are optical lens assemblies that are used to increase the diameter of a laser beam or other light beam.
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Product Name Notes
A beam expander is an optical system for changing the beams diameter. The product of the diameter and divergence for a laser beam remains constant between input and output. This...
For automated applications, Daheng Optics developed motorized zoom beam expanders --GCD-14 series. GCD-14 series employ the 4 lens element optical designs and the build-in adjustment motors for controlling lens groups.
GCO-25 Series Zoom Beam Expanders are designed for changing a collimated laser beam, there are two zoom ranges available: 2x~6x and 5x~10x. Adjusting the knob at the input and achieves...