Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. Datasheets for Roving and Yarn

Roving and yarn are fibers twisted into a feedstock for weaving cloth or reinforcing composites.
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Product Name Notes
Heat Resistant Fiberglass Textiles -- HYTEX® 1400
Heat Resistant Kevlar® Textiles -- HYTEX® 400
Heat Resistant Kevlar®-Glass Textiles -- HYTEX® 700
Mid-Mountain manufactures textiles designed for use as thermal seals and barriers for high temperature applications in moderate to severe environments. In 1976, we began manufacturing Channel Tapes and Tadpole Tapes...
Silica Yarn -- SILTEX® XS-150 SILTEX® SILICA YARN XS-150 is comprised of continuous filament, amorphous silica fibers which operate continuously at temperatures up to 1800°F • 982°C. With excellent resistance to thermal shock and...