Tinius Olsen, Inc. Datasheets for Product and Material Test Fixtures and Accessories

Material test fixtures and accessories include mechanical testing grips, fixtures, sample heaters, extensometers, specimen cutters, and other specialized test components.
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Certain ASTM tests require a specialized fixture in order to perform the correct procedure. Hundreds of ASTM-specific grips exist. Most are used in conjunction with a universal testing machine, however,...
Features Bollard Style Tensile Grips
Features Hydraulic Tensile Grips
Features Pneumatic Style Tensile Grips
Features Roller Style Tensile Grips
Features Suspended Tensile Grips
Features Tensile Vise Grips
Features Vise Style Tensile Grips
Features Wedge Style Pocket Tensile Grips
Features Wedge Style Tensile Grips
Flexural properties are analyzed by testing a material using a 3- or 4-point bend fixture. These jigs have two bottom support spans and one or two loading nose points on...
Peel strength testing for adhesive tapes can be performed using different test procedures. The 90 degree peel test is one of the most common since this test generally results in...
Shear Fixtures are used to create shear stress on a sample in order to induce a rupture. Most shear fixtures are specially designed for specific testing procedures. Rigid materials are...
These types of specimen tests are commonly used to determine the key properties of a material, such as tensile strength, Izod and Charpy impact strength, hardness, flammability, shrinkage and gloss/color...