BakerCorp Datasheets for Water Pumps

Water pumps move water that does not contain suspended solids or particulates. Applications include water supply, irrigation, land and mine drainage, sea water desalination, and condensate transport.
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Product Name Notes
Electric Submersible Pump Ideal Usage Construction and industrial applications of all types where diesel engines are not allowed or are impractical. Benefit Clean and quiet operation. Refueling is not required. PERFORMANCE Suction Size:...
12 Inch Prime-Assisted Pump -- PA12A60-6068T
4 Inch Prime-Assisted Pump -- PA4A60-4045D
6 Inch Prime-Assisted Pump -- PA6A60-4045D
6 Inch Prime-Assisted Pump -- PA6C60-4045D
8 Inch Prime-Assisted Pump -- PA6C60-4045T
Ideal Usage Construction site dewatering, sewer bypass, tank cleaning, flood management, municipal projects. Benefit Can operate in flooded conditions and pull a suction lift. Fully automatic priming. Dry-run capability. PERFORMANCE...
4 Inch Hydraulic Submersible Pump and 400D Power Unit
6 Inch Hydraulic Submersible Pump and 400D Power Unit
Ideal Usage High suction lift applications such as sewer bypass jobs. Dewatering of mines, quarries and gravel pits. Benefit No suction line limitations. Unattended operation. Submerged pump head. Variable speed.
12 Inch Sound Attenuated Pump -- PA-SAR
18 Inch Sound Attenuated Pump -- BP1818LS-CD375AS
4 Inch Sound Attenuated Pump -- PA-SAR
6 Inch Sound Attenuated Pump -- PA-SAR
8 Inch Sound Attenuated Pump -- PA-SAR
Ideal Usage Sewer bypass projects in residential areas. “Quiet Zones” such as hospitals or retail commercial areas. Benefit Sound enclosures significantly reduce noise. Tested to meet CPB standards. PERFORMANCE Suction...