Thin Film Technology Corporation Datasheets for Chip Resistors

Chip resistors are passive resistors with a form factor of an integrated circuit (IC) chip. Typically, they are manufactured using thin-film technology.
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Product Name Notes
Chip resistor network in a surface mount chip array, high density
Excellent performance in resistance tolerance, noise, long term stability
Four-terminal with separate voltage & current terminals, high-precision
High performance chip resistors with low price and reliable supply
High power at small size, tight resistance tolerance
Lower thermal resistance more efficiently sinks heat to the board
Precision resistor chips, perfect in many applications
Precision-class metal film components with tight resistance tolerance
Resistor network in a surface mount chip array, high density, low profile
RN series, ultra precision chip network resistors
Standard E-series resistors
Surface mount resistor network for the termination of PECL circuits
Thin film low resistance value chip resistors
Thin film resistor networks in a surface mount chip array
Tight tracking resistance, superior reliability
Trimmable thin film component for in-circuit resistor tuning