Dynisco Datasheets for Thermocouple Temperature Probes

Thermocouple temperature probes are bimetallic probes that are used in various temperature-sensing applications. They consist of two wires, each of which is made of a different metallic element or alloy.
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Product Name Notes
Temperature Sensor -- DYKE
Temperature Sensor -- DYMT
Description Dynisco has a wide variety of robust Melt Temperature measurement devices which are designed to measure temperature in the melt stream for the Extrusion and Polymer Processing Industries. Select...
Retractable Melt Thermocouples (GRMT) Features and Benefits TC Junction can be centered in hot melt stream Retractable from flush to 2.5” Up to 900°F melt temperatures All stainless steel construction Exposed junction 1/2-20 UNF...