CHINO Works America Inc. Datasheets for RTD Temperature Probes

RTD (resistive thermal device) temperature probes are types of thermal resistors which measure temperature as a function of resistance.
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Product Name Notes
Sheathed Resistance Thermometer
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-2
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-3
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-4
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-5
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-6
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-7
Surface Temperature Sensor -- R060-8
Surface Temperature Sensor -- RO60-1
The NR series sheathed resistance thermometers are the high performance resistance thermometers with high sensitivity, solidity, and durability required in a general industrial sensor. The thermometer is constructed by densely...
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-0
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-2
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-3
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-3L
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-4
Standard Resistance Thermometer -- R800-9
The R800 series standard platinum resistance thermometers conforming to the International Temperature Scale, 1990 (ITS-90) have been commercialized under the guidance of the National Research Laboratory of Metrology.