Ultra Energy Datasheets for Radiation Detectors

Radiation detectors are used for medical diagnoses, radioactive dating measurements, and measurements of background radiation, activity levels and radiation doses.
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Product Name Notes
A fission chamber designed for use in ex-core applications to cover start-up and intermediate power ranges of a reactor.
A fission chamber proven at temperatures of up to 800°C in the laboratory that has been designed for use in the hostile environments anticipated in Generation IV reactors.
ANV S2 radiation monitoring system has been developed by Ultra to supply a robust and affordable solution for land and sea applications. The system continuously checks the radiological environment both...
CMS Gamma is a compact, mains-powered, continuous monitoring station for measurement of gamma dose rate, providing essential, reliable information to personnel. It is designed for building, area and process monitoring...
CMS Interlock SIL is a safety related gamma monitor intended to be installed where interlock control is required to restrict access to high dose areas.
Custom built facility from which we design, manufacture, test and support neutron flux detectors.
Low-cost area gamma monitor: single or dual detectors, wide dynamic range (suitable for a variety of applications), detector measurement options, including GM sensors, ionization chambers, and scintillation detectors, Ethernet communications.
Reliable detectors to operate at up to 550°C.
Reliable neutron flux detectors designed to operate at up to 150°C.
SmartCAM is a next generation Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) that gives the user unparalleled performance in terms of detectable limit, sensitivity and speed to alarm.
Ultra Energy has developed a complete range of neutron flux instruments for monitoring and protection applications in the nuclear industry.
Wide Measurement Range; Easy to Read Logarithmic Display; Sensitive, Stable Detection; Simple Electronics – Zero Maintenance; Easily Cleaned Stainless Steel Enclosure. The Ultra Electronics HC833 is a self-contained gamma monitoring...