Ultra Energy Datasheets for Data Input Modules

Data input modules accept sensor and other signal output for data acquisition systems. They may include signal conditioning prior to the analog-to-digital conversion stage.
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Product Name Notes
Input Module, 2-Channel -- CC-I Multi-Channel Contact Closure The EOTec fiber optic Multi-Channel Contact Closure transceiver modules are used to convert up to ten contact closure inputs into fiber optic signals for transmission over a...
Contact Closure Input Module, 2-Channel -- MXCC-IP2
Contact Closure Input Module, 4-Channel -- MXCC-IP4
Input Module, 2-Channel -- MX010-IP2
Input Module, 2-Channel -- MX420-IP2
Input Module, 4-Channel -- MX010-IP4
Input Module, 4-Channel -- MX420-IP4
When you have multiple signals to transmit over fiber optic cable, we offer two solutions; one for bi-directional, point-to-point applications, and one for multi-node applications, with built-in self-healing ring functionality.