Advance Lifts, Inc. Datasheets for Dumpers, Tilters, and Inverters

Dumpers, tilters and inverters are used to reposition or empty material handling containers.
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Product Name Notes
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-236-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-236-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-236-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-248-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-248-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-248-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-260-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-260-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-260-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-436-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-436-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-436-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-448-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-448-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-448-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-460-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-460-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-460-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-636-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-636-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-636-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-648-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-648-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-648-5448
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-660-4836
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-660-4848
Heavy Duty Dumper -- HDDP-660-5448
Applications that regularly exceed six (6) cycles per hour and/or more than one (1) shift per day require heavy duty dumpers. If the items being dumped act like a sticky...
Standard Dumper -- DP-236-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-236-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-236-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-236-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-248-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-248-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-248-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-248-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-260-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-260-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-260-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-260-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-436-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-436-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-436-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-436-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-448-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-448-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-448-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-448-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-460-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-460-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-460-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-460-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-636-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-636-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-636-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-636-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-648-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-648-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-648-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-648-5248
Standard Dumper -- DP-660-4036
Standard Dumper -- DP-660-4048
Standard Dumper -- DP-660-5236
Standard Dumper -- DP-660-5248
These dumpers are our most compact design and provide a minimum size footprint. The units tilt approximately 125 degrees. The carriages are designed to hold bins, gaylords or carts and...
Bin Tilter -- BT-2
Bin Tilter -- BT-4
Bin Tilter -- BTP-2
Bin Tilter -- BTP-4
Bin Tilter -- BTS-2
Bin Tilter -- BTS-4
These units are designed to reduce reaching and bending into parts containers. There are models suitable for palletized loads, carts and stacker bins. SPECIAL FEATURES All models have hydraulic return...
Upender -- UE-1090
Upender -- UE-290
Upender -- UE-490
Upender -- UE-690
Upender -- UE-890
These units are tilters that tilt a full ninety (90) degrees. It is common to equip one plafform with a "V" cradle to hold coils or rolls. When this is...
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-2120-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-2120-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-2120-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-272-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-272-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-272-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-296-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-296-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-296-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-4120-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-4120-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-4120-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-472-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-472-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-472-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-496-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-496-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-496-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-6120-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-6120-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-6120-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-672-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-672-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-672-5448
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-696-4836
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-696-4848
High Reach Dumper -- HRDP-696-5448
These units have been designed for applications that require lifting a container to a high elevation and then dumping it. They safely accomplish the function of lifting & dumping in...