Advance Lifts, Inc. Datasheets for Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers are machines that are used to wrap plastic foil around a pallet load.
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Product Name Notes
Stretch Wrapper -- SW100L40
Stretch Wrapper -- SW100L60
Stretch Wrapper -- SW125L40
Stretch Wrapper -- SW125L60
Stretch Wrapper -- SW150L40
Stretch Wrapper -- SW150L60
Stretch Wrapper -- SW175L40
Stretch Wrapper -- SW175L60
These are our most economical and basic models that are suitable for low volume stretch wrapping operations. Units offer a giant step up in safety and productivity from simply walking...
Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper -- SW200H60
Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper -- SW200L40
This series of stretch wrappers is designed to be used in medium to heavy duty applications using less expensive stretch wrap film. It is a feature rich machine which goes...