Matsusada Precision, Inc. Datasheets for DC Power Supplies

DC power supplies accept an input power and output the desired form of DC power. Common types of DC power supplies include linear power supplies, switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) type power supplies.
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Product Name Notes
1/3 of the size of conventional power supplies, equipped w/ remote function
3 output ranges selectable in one body, low noise, multi-unit connection
Built-in temperature compensation circuit, remote programmable
CV or CC mode selectable, 4-quadrant operation, DC bias, fast response
Extensive safety design from high voltage technology, space-saving design
Fast response, uses no relay, built-in RF filter is available (option)
Full of remote functions, master/slave option, ultra slim and ultra light
High power output, testing equipment, communication devices
High speed response, all solid state, various output waveforms
High stability,integrated filament supply,constant voltage/current
Input/Output proportional, floating output, R.F.I. shielding
Input/Output proportional, input/output isolation, UL60950, CSA No.60950
Local and remote operation, adjustable overload trip, GPIB interface option
Low Cost, high reliability, external voltage and potentiometer programmable
Low Noise with 6-sided shielding, NRTL(UL1950), TUV, CE certified
Low noise with metal shielding, well-regulated, high performance
Low noise, smallest and lightest body which fits anywhere
Low profile and lightweight,local and remote operation,adjustable overload
Low ripple, high stability, and well-regulated output,wide input range
Low ripple, high stability, remote analog programmable (option)
Multi connection and master/slave control is possible, compact, high power
Output voltage controlled by remote control voltage, EMI/RFI shielded
PFC circuit and universal input, RS-232C as standard interface
Polarity change and output voltage control with remote signal
Remote & local emission control, safety interlock, CE certified
Remote and local programming, optional output connector, high stability
Remote and local programming, UL1950, TUV, CE certified, high stability
Remote programming/monitori ng, high efficiency, constant voltage/current
Rotary encoded controls w/ memory, high stability, GPIB interface option
Suitable for bi-polar system with just 1 unit, compact and high power
Ultra compact only 2.75" wide (and up), low noise, high-speed response
Ultra low ripple, high stability 0.001%/5min, constant voltage control

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