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Littelfuse, Inc. Datasheets for Electrical Connector Bases and Covers

Electrical connector bases and covers are designed to provide mechanical protection for electrical connectors. They are available in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of electrical connections.
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Product Name Notes
596 Series PC Mount Miniature Fuseholder for 5x20mm Fuses
Adapter for Fuseholder Series:646647
Box cover units provide an economical method of protecting small motors against overcurrent damage. For use with Edison-Base plug fuses (TOO, TLO) or Type S plug fuses (SOO, SLO) with...
Cap for Fuseholder Series:570571
Cap for Fuseholder Series:595596
Cap for Fuseholder Series:598
Cap for Fuseholder Series:601
Cap for Fuseholder Series:652
Cap for Fuseholder Series:800800-018018 02803-01810811813814
Cap for Fuseholder Series:8008018028108 11813814
Cap for Fuseholder Series:820-20824-20
Cap for Fuseholder Series:8208218238248 30831835
Cap for Fuseholder Series:820821823
Cap for Fuseholder Series:850852
Cap for Fuseholder Series:851853
Cap for Fuseholder Series:860862
Cover for Fuseholder Series:646
Cover for Fuseholder Series:656658
Covers are single pole - need to order a Quantity of 3 for each block.
For corresponding cap Click here.
Fuseholder Cap:583
Fuseholder Cap:602
Fuseholder Cap:816
Fuseholder Cap:835-20
Fuseholder Caps:585586
Fuseholder Caps:815816
Fuseholder Caps:835837
Fuseholder Caps:855
Fuseholder Caps:856
Fuseholder Caps:865866
Fuseholer Cap:815
Fuseholer Caps:815816
Littelfuse fuseblock covers protect personnel from accidentally coming into contact with energized parts. Covers are for use with various UL class fuseblocks. Please, review the ordering information for available covers.
Miniature Fusecaps
This series has been obsoleted, please see the documents below for replacement information.