ADLINK Technology Inc. Datasheets for Data Output Modules

Data output modules or cards transfer amplified, conditioned, or digitized signals.
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Product Name Notes
8-CH 12-Bit Isolated Analog Output Cards -- PCI-6308 Series
8/16-CH 16-Bit Analog Output Modules -- cPCI-6208/6216 Series
12- or 16-bit D/A resolution voltage or current output and up to 1 MS/s update rate are supported.
8/16-CH 16-Bit Analog Output Cards -- PCI-6208/6216 Series ADLINK PCI-6208 series are 8 or 16-CH, 16-bit, analog output cards. The PCI-6208V-GL offers 8 voltage outputs with ¡Ó10 V range, featuring 15-bit monotonicity and 10 V/£gs slew rate. The...
8-CH 16-Bit PCI Express Analog Output Card -- PCIe-6208 ADLINK PCIe-6208 series are 8 or 16-CH, 16-bit, PCI Express analog output cards which provide high resolution, high-density analog output functionalities and are suitable for ATE, signal generation, industrial process...